Overloud REmatrix v1.1.17 FIXED-R2R

Overloud REmatrix v1.1.17 FIXED-R2R | 130 MB


REmatrix features five individual convolvers and an effect chain working together to create complex and unique spaces that cannot be obtained with any other tool. REmatrix is a professional solution for engineers looking for:

– the most impressive reverb ever created by a plugin
– a streamlined workflow: go from the idea to the final tone in a few clicks
– a huge factory library created by one of the world
– leading sound designers, MoReVoX, specifically designed and supported by an extensive preset list
​- a proprietary technology to add liveliness and richness to the static nature of convolvers.


Impulse Response [IR] reverbs are great when you need to replicate a sampled space; however the typical IR offers only simplistic adjustments and does not allow more creative changes to the nature of the generated ambience.
What if you need that greater level of control?
What if you want to more fundamentally change an u nderlying element originally captured inside the impulse response?

FIXED : Timebomb of Standalone.

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Team R2R | Dec 28 2016

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